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. the woman's sun in law came out of the -- son-in-law came out of the house to try to help her and one of the suspects shot and killed him. they drove off in a dark colored sedan. a long-time neighbor says she's never seen violence there. >> bikes, strollers, babies, dogs. >> surprised to hear this. >> sad, sad for the family. >> the 33-year-old victim lived in alameda and his name has not yet been released. this is that city's second homicide of the year. >>> it is a story we've been following for months. oakland's ongoing battle with crime and the efforts to make the city safer. we have good news on crime stats and how citizens are stepping up to help police. >> reporter: oakland police chief says he's doing the best he has with what he has. one new tool is more officers out on the street. another is embedded in the neighborhood. inside this church, oakland's mayor addressed 75 people in an open forum about crime this morning. police chief howard jordan says his department has seen a shift in east oakland. shootings dropped nearly 30%, homicides but 42%. he pointed to the arrests thr
to hang people for it, now they just get a slap on the wrist. the proposed change to a law that california ranchers were wrangling over today. >>> today is national ag day. one state law maker using this day to introduce a new bill that would make tougher penalties for cattle rustling. ken pritchett is live in liver more. he talked to one cattle owner who has been hit hard by he's. >> reporter: not too long ago cattle rustlers took two heifers. nobody was caught. thigh are animals that are accustomed to people. it likely wasn't difficult when cattle rustlers made off with a dozen of them. >> those animals were worth well over $22,000 on that day. >> reporter: we talked with ranch owner by phone. he says the heifers were a month away from dropping calves. $22,000 doesn't even covert loss. >> worth many times that if you consider the number of calves they will produce. >> reporter: the value of cattle has gone up by as many as 50% in recent years, making theft more tempting and the consequences if caught are light. frank has a bill to change that. >> the people convicted of stealing will sta
. he says he never broke the law. >> a thousands a week. paid my rent. ate. >> reporter: did you give it to city counsel members? larry reid? >> no. >> reporter: larry reid denied the allegations. we heard from him in the last 30 minutes. here is what he had to say. >> really mind-boggling that someone can say that because they are in a relationship with someone else that they paid me $50,000 because i wanted to retire. i never took a freakin' time. >> reporter: we are still gathering more reaction to the story and putting that together for tonight at 10:00 p.m. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an audit of two city counsel members, inluding larry reid alleges they abused their power. they released the report today listing a dozen violations by city counsel members oakland councilwoman desley brooks and larry reid. the auditor accuses them of using their power to influence the bidding process for the clean up at the army base. >> the law was broken here. the report wasn't done in the open. >> she says they are clear. city counsel members with only appropriate funds. they deny a
's part of a larger global law enforcement tweet-athon involving close to 30,000 police officers in the country. >> reporter: it has been a very, very long time but, the tom lantos tunnels are named after the beloved congressman who fought tooth and nail to fund this project. now the twin devil slides tunnels are done now, they will begin operating sometime on monday maybe tuesday. $440million two of the most earthquake resistant tunnels on earth. the high tech tunnels, 4,200 feet long each have features and are adorned to make them works of art as well. for the last business the linda mar ace business center and businesses on both sides the tupls approve 17 years ago will be at long last -- the tunnels approved 17 years ago will be at long last a reliability god send. >> we don't have to worry about it being shut down for six months. where he got a good lesson of what percentage of our customers come from south of the slide. >> reporter: highway 1 is not just a local road it is a major highway that feeds money into dozens of communities. a the tunnel is fully open late monday ea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4